NextCover offers a line of products designed to meet the many storage and transportation needs of rowing shell owners.  Multiple boat cover options and accessory items are offered so that you can select the product, or product combination, that best suits your needs.

The fully-zipped cover  is our most popular model.  This design completely encloses the boat, and can be made with optional rigger flaps for use rigged or not.

Other special details to choose from include straps, name card holder, fully-enclosed fin and an additional internal flap covering the zipper.

Storage covers are another way to protect the hull when your boat stored on a rack.  However, this design does not fully enclose the shell, and cannot be used for transportation. It snugs over the inverted hull with an elasticized bottom, and has straps to further secure it.

We also offer sweep and sculling-specific accessories such as rigger and oar bags or simple blade covers to protect all of your rowing equipment.

We offer large carry-all bags that allow you to store your cover and other items. The bag is large enough to hold covers for all boats from singles to eights, as well as accessories and personal gear.

We are keen to the increasing use of carbon fiber in riggers and fins, and want to help protect this material.  Therefore, we have introduced rigger sleeves and fin hoods, to keep harmful UV at bay.

All items are either lined or padded. We also offer unlined unpadded covers and accessories. Please  Contact Us  for prices

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss a custom solution.