Carry-All Bags

We offer several types of carrying bags or sacks, designed to protect equipment and the covers themselves, when not in use.  We recommend bagging your covers, especially at regatta sites, where dirt and moisture of all kinds can get inside the cover.  You want to keep your covers clean, to prevent mold and mildew.

Whether you are looking for a simple, lightweight sack suitable for consolidating all of your gear when travelling, at a regatta or in off-season storage, or a sturdier luggage-style bag, we have products that meet those needs.

We sell simple nylon zippered bags, and detailed, “wide-mouth” bags of sturdy polyester with a detachable carrying strap large carry-all bags.  Either design makes it easy for you to stash your cover and other items when they are not in use. The bags are large enough to hold covers for all boats from singles to eights, as well as accessories.

We have also designed specialty bags upon request, such as for carrying adaptive rowing seats and mounting brackets, or simply for protecting standard slides (especially if you have a Carl Douglas custom seat as shown below).