Welcome to NextCover, source of your next boat cover, rigger bag, oar bag or other rowing accessories designed by creators and founders of Zip-Cover LLC!

We created our first cover for Michael’s Fluidesign single in 2003. Founded Zip-Cover LLC in 2010, and now proudly continue tradition of excellence and quality in NextCover LLC.

Rowers ourselves we design and test covers by using them and transporting for daily workouts.

Our product is made by rowers for rowers.

We offer the highest quality rowing boat covers and accessories for transportation and protection of your rowing equipment.

We provide the full range of covers, bags and accessories for racing shells, sweep and sculling oars and sweep and sculling riggers.  New offerings include rowing-themed gifts based on original artwork of a rowing wife, as well as design and quality improvements on existing cover products.

All NextCover products are custom-made in USA using the best materials, highest quality standards and attention to detail.   We have direct oversight to each step of the production process, which provides the ultimate level of quality control.  Every item is backed by the best customer service anywhere.  We will build on our reputation for quality and superior customer service to obtain and keep customers from around the world 100% satisfied.

All items are made of the most superior outdoor-use fabrics on the market, and feature attention to details such as interior padding or lining, industrial grade zippers and Velcro, and double stitching for strong seams.

We aim to be your one and only provider of the highest quality rowing equipment covers and accessories in the world, for standard and one-off needs.  If you have an idea for a custom rowing-related project that you don’t see here, contact us here for a design assessment and estimate.

We are proud suppliers of Hudson Boat Works