Fully-Zipped Boat Covers

Zipped boat covers feature two heavy-duty zippers which run from bow and stern to meet in the middle. All covers have internal lining or padding, and are available with or without rigger flaps for use on rigged or unrigged boats. Please note that rigger flaps are only available for singles, doubles or pair/doubles.

Zipped boat covers are suitable for transportation by car-top or trailer, and are also versatile enough for daily storage or use.

Rigger flaps are cut-out panels (not holes) which can be opened and closed, then sealed by industrial-strength Velcro.  The flaps are designed to enable storage and transportation with the riggers attached. The flaps open to accommodate the rigger, and are then fitted around the rigger and attached to the cover securely with Velcro. The flaps can be re-connected by the Velcro to make a solid cover for use when the boat is not rigged. Various rigger styles (wing, classical, tubular carbon, bow-mount, stern-mount, etc.) can be accommodated by our covers.