Care & Cleaning

Your NextCover bag best protects your gear when clean, inside and out.

Should it become dirty, you can spot clean it by treating the stain with a mild/organic stain removal product and gently wiping with a cold, damp, soft cloth.  The exterior of coated polyester covers also cleans nicely with a commercial cleaning wipe.

The entire cover can also be machine washed.  Fully unzip the cover prior to washing.  A 1x cover will fit in most standard-sized washing machine tubs, but larger items may require an industrial-sized tub, available at many laundromats.  Use a gentle cycle, with cold wash/cold rinse, and a mild detergent.  Line dry only; do not put in the dryer.

Never use bleach or harsh cleansers on your covers, never scrub vigorously, and never use a brush or any kind of rough sponge or cloth.