Price List

Zipped Boat Covers, Padded or LinedNylonCoated PolyesterAcrylic (Sunbrella)Polyester/AcrylicAdd Custom Logo
1x Without Rigger FlapsNot Offered$424$449$465$25
1x With Rigger FlapsNot Offered$449$474$499$25
2x/- Without Rigger FlapsNot Offered$589$629$659$25
2x/- With Rigger FlapsNot Offered$629$654$699$25
4x/-/+ Without Rigger FlapsNot Offered$899$974$1,049$25
8+ Without Rigger Flaps (Standard)Not Offered$1,175$1,245$1,295$25
8+ Without Rigger Flaps (Sectional/Convertible)Not Offered$1,220$1,270$1,320$25
Storage Covers, Padded or LinedNylonCoated PolyesterAcrylic (Sunbrella)Polyester/AcrylicAdd Custom Logo
1xNot Offered$310$344$369$25
2x/-Not Offered$429$454$479$25
4x/-/+Not Offered$800$874$949$25
8+Not Offered$1,135$1,165$1,185$25
Accessories (Padded unless otherwise notedNylonCoated PolyesterAcrylic (Sunbrella)Polyester/AcrylicAdd Custom Logo
Sculling Rigger Bag for 1 Wing Rigger or 1 Pair Classical/Two-Stay Riggers$159$159$174$174$25
Sculling Rigger Bag for 2 Wing Riggers or 2 Pairs Classical/Two-Stay Riggers$219$219$234$234$25
Sweep Rigger Bag for 2 Riggers$189$189$204$204$25
Sweep Rigger Bag for 4 Riggers$235$235$265$265$25
Sculling Oar Bag for 1 Pair$139$139$154$154$25
Sweep Oar Bag for 2 Oars$299$299$319$319$25
Rigger Sleeves - 1 PairNot Offered$115$115$115$25
Sculling Blade Covers - 1 Pair$40$40$40$40$25
Sweep Blade Covers - 1 Pair$50$50$50$50$25
Detachable Fin HoodNot Offered$30$35$35$25
Carry-All Bag$90
Light Sack
Not OfferedNot Offered$190
Large Carry-All

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