Van Dusen Advantage Wing Rigger Bags

Van Dusen Advantage wing rigger’s unique design, with broad wings and attached shoe plate, call for a uniquely-designed rigger bag.

Because many people also leave the wing attached for storage and for transportation, the carbon wings can be left exposed to sun, UV and the elements, which are inherently bad for its longevity and performance.

To solve this problem, NextCover has designed a rigger bag which accommodates the attached shoe plate AND which can be used on the rigger while still attached to the boat.

A Velcro flap opens to allow the shoes to protrude, and then seals beneath them to enclose the wing.  Simple unzip the bag, open the flap and remove the cover.  Use with or without a boat cover.

For travel, the shoe flap seals closed and the bag becomes a solid unit, complete with a detachable shoulder strap for carrying.