Weathermax 80 – NOW AVAILABLE!

This fabric offers all of the UV protection, fade resistance and durability of polyester/acrylic, and adds the benefits of being lightweight, breathable and water repellent (without a coating).

Our early tests show excellent results, and the fabric produces a beautiful product.

It carries a 10-year limited warranty (except red) against loss of strength and/or color under conditions of normal use.


This fabric is a combination of polyester and acrylic – a polyester weave coated with acrylic for UV resistance. It is a superb fabric that outperforms Sunbrella (acrylic) in strength, UV and water resistance and many other aspects. This fabric is backed by an 8 year manufacturer’s warranty against excessive loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions, including sunlight, rot, or normal atmospheric chemicals which might render it unserviceable.

We highly recommend this for all covers that will be stored outdoors or otherwise see heavy use.   Please contact us for the complete list of colors currently available.

Acrylic (Sunbrella®)

Sunbrella® is a popular brand of acrylic outdoor-use fabric offering very good UV resistance. Like the generic polyester, it is a heavier, stiffer fabric than nylon and is guaranteed against fading for 5 years. However, Sunbrella does not have good abrasive resistance qualities.

Coated Polyester

Acrylic-coated polyester is a new offering in our line of available fabrics. It shares the properties of polyester, and the acrylic coating creates a heavier, thicker fabric with a feel reminiscent of vinyl or oilcloth. It is water resistant, and serves well for prolonged outdoor use. It is bulkier to handle due to the stiffness of the coating. Available colors in stock are red, blue and gray.  Please contact us regarding additional color choices.


Polyester is a durable fabric which provides satisfactory protection when lined or padded. It has excellent abrasive resistance properties, and is a good choice for covers that are intended for periodic transportation or indoor storage. Polyester can withstand moderate outdoor use, but will fade and lose its integrity quickly with prolonged exposure to the elements.


Nylon is a soft, shiny fabric that we offer ONLY for rigger bags and oar bags. Nylon is not acceptable for use on zipped or storage covers due to its tendency to shrink, as well as its poor UV protection. Not only will nylon not protect from UV, the colors will fade quickly with sun exposure. All nylon rigger and oar bags are either lined or padded. We do not sell any unlined or non-padded nylon accessories.